The results of photo contest!


Who will get the prizes?! Guys, it is time to sum up the results of the contest. Thank you for being so active! We have received lots of awesome pictures and messages. We viewed each message, read each story about Snowdogs and made a really difficult decision. So, we have determined 5 winners including three winners in the third places.

Here is a list of finalists:

1 — Louis Perea, Alaska, has been owning a Long Track for a few years. We were rather impressed with his picture of a flying eagle over his "dog".

"There were two bald eagles in the area and I was recording some content. I noticed one of the eagles coming closer and I was able to snap a quick photo with my phone as it was coming off a tree to land on the lake".

2 — Adam Scott, an author of a nice picture of Snowdog Sport with his Labrador.

“My black lab loves going out on the Snowdog. He jumps right in the sled, ready for an adventure”.

Then, come three bronze medalists:

3-1 — Zane Cooper with hunter Snowdog.

“I purchased my first Snowdog 3 years ago. First time out I was hooked for life, I've hauled my Snowdog all over Colorado and North Dakota ice fishing every slab of safe ice we could find. I have hauled out 6 Elk and a handful for deer. Snowdog is the most versatile machine I've ever owned. Purchased my Second Snowdog this year”.

3-2 — Doug Kelly, a very experienced Snowdog owner. He sent a few pictures of Long Track. We chose the one with the rising sun.

3-3 — Kevin Love. His shot also captures Snowdog and the rising sun. Clear and smooth ice add even more beauty to this shot!

“This was taken at the end of the season in lower mid Michigan. We didn’t have much snow that season but adding some studs to the track the Snowdog had no problem getting all my gear out on the ice”.

As we promised, bronze winners are getting Snowdog caps and hats. The silver winner — hoodie and hat. And the main winner is getting a big set of prizes that includes a cargo box, hoodie, cap, and hat.

We will get in touch with them shortly to obtain the shipping information.

Thanks to all participants. Have a great season!