Ice Fishing

Snowdog is a reliable means of transportation that will take you, your ice shanty, all of your gear and your fellow fisherman friends to your favorite ice fishing spots.
With studded track, it can easily carry a train of 3-4 sleds with a load up to 1000 lb over the ice!
With extremely low ground pressure of about 0.5 PSI Snowdog will make you fishing trips safe and fun!


Snowdog can be your best friend in hunting! There is no need anymore to drag your prey out of the woods.
Snowdog can pull a moose, deer or elk easily with a weight up to 600 pounds!
Make your hunting adventure fun and easy!


No need anymore to walk around your traps!
Snowdog will carry you to your favorite trap spot and help to carry the prey back to the car or home.


Snowdog will help you to collect fire wood and take care of local forest duties at the cottage.
Tasks become much easier with Snowdog!

Outdoor Fun

Have fun with your children, pull winter snow tubes or skiers,  walk the dog or just enjoy your journey travelling around!
Snowdog is a good addition to your outdoor activities!

Singletrack Grooming or X-Ski

Snowdog is a little workhorse that can make fat bike trail grooming experience easy and fast!
Using our Snowdog specially designed snow trail grooming accessory allows to groom 20` or 27` trail with ease.
X-Ski grooming accessory allows to groom trails for cross-country skiers.

Search and Rescue

Snowdog can assist in search & rescue missions, search for lost people in the woods, transportation of the injured back to the safety in the sled.


Snowdog helps carry the equipment to distant locations in snow, such as generators, chain saws or any other necessary compact size equipment.
Snowdog is of great help to repair electric air lines after snowstorms or service communication tower which are located in the forest.

Dog sledding

Snowdog can help with training the sled dogs. Sled dog trainers can follow dog packs with Snowdog to correct and transfer positive dog sledding training experience.