Matt Johnson's film on updates of Snowdog Sport


Matt Johnson, a well-known influencer from Minnesota, has recently traveled to the north of this state with his new Snowdog Sport and made a video about the updates of this model on the fresh ice.

“My Snowdog walkthrough! The new 2023 Sport model has a pile of upgrades to make your experience better on the ice. Here’s also a handful of things that I’ve done to my machine to maximize my performance and efficiency on the ice!”

We remind you that the final assembly of Snowdogs has been done in the USA since the last year. And this season, we offer you plenty of updates of the Sport model with reverse gearbox to let you get the most of this machine. 

Don't miss the best technological solutions that our entire RD department together with the partners in North America were working on — new material of Snowdog frame (steel), engine mounting rubber pads, updated compact and lightweight CVT, updated mudflaps, significantly simplified chain tensioning system, new handlebar height adjustment, etc.

Snowdog Sport is available for purchase in dealers’ shops. Feel free to contact our representative in your area. Have an awesome season with a lot of snow and ice, guys!