Snowdog team meets with the MinneSnowdogs club


The Snowdog team (Dmitry Sivkov, company owner, and Tim Sedov, media manager) has visited Minnesota again.They met with the owners of Snowdogs and gave them merch. 

The first day passed with the top club of Snowdog fans. As you may remember, we previously mentioned MinneSnowdogs.

We took a great opportunity to meet personally with the cool guys — Will Vervair, Rick Alford and other members of the club. Everyone had a great time, chatted on various topics. Dmitry told about the plans of the company. Also, we all participated in the shooting.

It was awesome!

Here's what the club members say:
"...We talked about the upgrades in the latest model and he gave us a brief history of this company and a sneak peek of the future. Guys came up from Iowa. We really think Snowdog has a great future and we wish them much success!"