Snowdog cargo box. "An essential accessory for adventures".


We're excited to announce that the Utility cargo box has become even more affordable. At a price of $199 you will get a hard plastic box and maximize the storage space of your machine!

Being shockproof, it offers a great range of applications to Snowdog owners from being an additional mobile storage to serving as a table or seat.

Material: high density polyethylene. 

Dimensions: 18.3 × 14.4 × 15.9 in. 

Weight: 8.8 lb.

Quick-detachable, reliable, multifunctional, portable…

Let's find out what one of the Snowdog Sport owners has to say about this accessory after several months of use.

Max Zaruba, angler from Wisconsin:

Last season I purchased the cargo box for my Snowdog , and I couldn't be happier with the results. This simple addition has greatly enhanced my snow machine experience.

It securely attaches to the back of the Snowdog, and the provided mounting hardware ensured a snug fit. Plus, the flawlessly fitted design doesn't interfere with the performance, maintaining a smooth ride even at quicker speeds.

In terms of storage capacity, this cargo box exceeded my expectations. Despite its visible size, it offers ample room to stow away essential gear.

Durability is crucial when dealing with the harsh winter elements, and this cargo box stands up to the challenge. I've used it in various weather conditions, and it has proven to be weatherproof and reliable.

One standout feature is the quick access latch system. It allows for easy opening and closing, even with gloves on, ensuring I can quickly grab what I need without slowing down the adventure.

Overall, this cargo box for Snowdog is a fantastic addition to any winter or summer sports gear. It combines ease of use, ample storage, and durability, making it an essential accessory for those who love winter adventures.

Get a great new addition to your Snowdog in the coming season!