Franceska from Wisconsin and Snowdog on the early ice


"I seriously love that Snowdog and can’t wait to putz around more" — exclaimed Franceska after her first ride with Snowdog. 5 days ago, our active and highly enthusiastic member of Snowdog Pro Team, Max Zaruba, took his girlfriend to fishing spot and shot a great drone video on the early ice in Wisconsin.

And the next day he shared with us his first impressions of his one-year-old Sport model after the first off-season, the start of the ice-fishing season and told us what thickness of ice is enough for Max to start riding his Snowdog.

The re-opening of the Snowdog went amazing. I frequently check on the Dog once a month in storage and make sure everything is still good while giving it a fresh start. This helps keep the juices flowing in case I choose to use it for some yard work.
My season kicked off with a bang with some great ice showing up early in the Northwoods which allowed me to get the dog up north on some new ice to give her the season opening run! We found a ton of great bluegill, crappie, and even some walleyes.

We start using our Snowdogs right around 3-3.5”. I know this sounds crazy but we’ve tested it, and due to the displacement of weights amongst a 4’x2’ base, it’s works great.
We plan to do a lot more big water fishing this season. Those long run spots where not many else go anymore. We want to try new stuff and make sure we give the Snowdog one heck on an adventure.

What can I advice for those, who have not yet bought a Snowdog? Find a friend that has one or ask around to see if you can try one in person. It’s a new machine to most so not many people can relate to how it operates and works in general.