Two videos on different types of fastening the cargo box


How the Snowdog utility cargo box should be installed on different Snowdog models using different types of fastening? Two experienced Snowdog owners did a great job by showing this. We recommend checking out these videos.

Joshua Treadwell, an angler from New Hampshire, has been using the Snowdog for more than 3 years now. He used a handmade wooden box before that was not very comfortable.

"Cargo box is a necessary. I'm going to put all my stuff that I use during the wintertime and tools: extra belt, extra chain, some tow hooks, a tow rope and some tools, extra spark plugs, some oil that are just necessities to keep the Snowdog running in case it breaks downs to basically fix it on the fly. Also, I'm going to hard mount my Garmin Livescope Shuttle to the top of the box".

Also, since recent times, Matt Johnson from Minnesota is using the cargo box as well. For 5 years, he has been riding all machines from Snowdog lineup. Now, he confirms that this box is truly a great addition to the Snowdog.

Note that Matt uses the latches (4 short rubber latches) to attach the box and Joshua has the kit with the brackets.

Thank you, guys! We wish you always have the boxes full of fish.