Snowdog first got to Japan


Kenichiro Nishida (hereafter Ken) lives on the island of Hokkaido and works as a mountaineering guide. He also arranges FATBIKE tours, in wintertime as well. He has long dreamed of Snowdog to groom snow trails for bikes and have fun. Recently, his dream came true. Now, he is the owner of Snowdog B13 ME — the first one in Japan.

“I decided to purchase Snowdog because I thought it would be effective for making a FATBIKE course on ice and forest roads. It’s compact and has high running performance, and I am very satisfied. I think the potential demand for Snowdog is very high in Japan.”

After 2 months we’ve decided to ask Ken how he is doing and whether he is happy with his Snowdog, how his friends and people around him reacted to the unusual purchase, whether he has any difficulties with it.

“No problem for now. I think that many maintenances can be done by the owner according to the manual. It’s smaller than a snowmobile, so friends really want it. Snowdog will continue to perform wonderfully in the winter field of the world. Thank you. It’s a really great product!”