Unforgettable trip of Snowdog Team to Colorado


So, another season of active use of Snowdog has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed it to the full. Now, the Snowdog users are rather busy with summer-izing the Snowdogs, preparing for the long-term storage till the next winter season if no plans to use the machine in the warm season with the wheeled trailers. Isn't this a high time to share the vivid impressions of winter 2022-2023?

The filming team headed by the Snowdog CEO, Dmitry Sivkov, has broken the new record for the past season having travelled across the Midwest. We enjoyed meeting the awesome guys, feeling bright emotions, viewing fantastic landscapes that have been captured in photo and video. One of the most exciting trips we had was the trip to Colorado in March. The majesty, colors and texture of the mountains could hardly leave us indifferent. Especially, in this area.

For several days we stayed in a cozy place called Grand Mesa. This is 20 minutes away from Delta. There is located the only dealer that sells and repairs the Snowdogs in the state of Colorado — Weaver's Small Engine Repair. This is a family business headed by Joseph who welcomed us in a super friendly and hospitable way. We are truly impressed by so much attention and time they gave to us.

In the shop Joseph told us that he sells Snowdogs for over 5 years and is happy with business and looking forward to increasing the number of sold units. In the past season he has sold out all the units he had in stock. Primarily, Sport models.

The next day, together with the kids we drove towards Solver Jack Reservoir in two cars. This was Joseph who recommended this place. In 90 minutes, our team has reached a stunningly beautiful place. Landscapes, the weather, the mood of all the guys – this was a unique harmony. These are the memories for a lifetime! Especially when viewing the pics from this trip.

Kids were either impressed as they had a real fun trip and opportunity to ride over the deep snow in picturesque mountains with a new company of friends. Dmitry and Joseph’s sons seemed to get along pretty well playing snowballs and catch-up.  That was a nice to see. Thanks to all of you.

Joseph Weaver:

"My son and I enjoyed meeting you all, riding Snowdogs, showing you our area and making some good marketing content. Looking forward to seeing you again! Thanks".