Long Track is in Alaska now


Long Track is in Alaska! Well, this Snowdog model has never travelled so far to the north! And now, for more than a month, Louis Perea has been riding it. He loves hunting and fishing very much, and is engaged in search and rescue operations in his main job.

Recently, before celebrating his birthday, he decided to make himself a present. He called our dealer, Jewell Equipment Rental, who is located not far from Anchorage. Once he got to know that there is a Snowdog with a long base, he came and bought it and kept this secret from his family. Since then, Louis is happy with this purchase. And his family is not less happy. He makes photos and videos on his trips with Snowdog regularly. Here are his words from recent video:

“This is my Snowdog that I bought to get me out on the lakes. This thing looks pretty good. I’ve got sled with the seat on it. Most people ride it standing up. And, I have plenty of room for my fishing gear and auger. So far, I like it. It’s a real fun to ride around. Eventually, when I’m trying to pull out more gear, family, kids, I think it’s really cool.”

We personally got acquainted with Louis to hear his impressions after first month of using Snowdog and why he chose our brand. How often is he going to ride it in climatic conditions of Alaska where the ice on the lakes holds from November to April?

"I like that the Long track Snowdog is still compact enough to fit in my truck without the need for a trailer and I can close the tailgate. I also like that it is designed to handle deeper snow and slush on lakes, as this is standard in Alaska. It’s very easy to operate and the controls are basic enough for a beginner.

I saw it on YouTube a few months ago and figured it was the best option for me and what I do. I did not want a new or used snowmobile and I figured it was better in deeper snow than an atv. I’ve used it mostly to entertain my kids on rides on our property and for ice fishing. I plan to use it to haul a lot of ice fishing gear and people on longer rides to remote lakes."