Alaska: "We love outdoor toys"


If snow lies for 6-7 months a year, it’s nothing extraordinary that you become a fan of outdoor activities with ski, tracks, sleds... Especially when you live in the area with incredible natural landscapes and views. And Bailey Hubbard from Soldotna, Alaska (we recommend her account everyday.alaska), together with her husband David, are such active enthusiasts. In their garage there are diverse machines for such purposes. Still, they bought a Snowdog as well. Why did they do this? How did they spend the first season with it? Which plans do they have? And how did her mom react on this purchase and why did she change her mind rather quickly? The answers see in the interview.

My family and I live on the Kenai Peninsula in Soldotna, Alaska. I work in the medical field and my husband is an equipment operator. We, along with our chocolate lab Trapper, enjoy everything outdoors, and have more hobbies than we should, but we enjoy them all! We love hunting, fishing, trapping, milling, camping, and more.

My parents visit during the winter, and were thrilled to try out the Snowdog at our property when we purchased it. My mom was a little skeptical at first, but after doing a few laps around the land she was hooked! It’s really a great machine to have.

We have the Snowdog Compact B10. We love outdoor toys at our house and didn’t own a Snowdog. My husband came across this one at an auction and decided to give it a try. We’re always outdoors and thought it would be handy for ice fishing, trapping, and riding around our property.

We purchased our Snowdog from an auction in Fairbanks, Alaska. It didn’t come with a sled, so we got that separately from Jewell Equipment Rental in Wasilla, which worked out well.

We got a late start to the season since we got it mid winter, but after using it for a bit I’m really happy with our purchase. I wasn’t so sure we needed another outdoor toy, but this is 100% worth it. We got more snow than usual here last year, so we had a good season with it, riding around the property and putting some miles on it. My husband, parents, and I all really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to use it this year as well. My mom liked it so well that I thought she might drive off with it for good!

My husband and I do many fall and winter activities from moose hunting to ice fishing and everything in between. I can’t say how many miles we added last season exactly, but I know it will probably be double or triple this season!

So far we really have not experienced any issues with our Snowdog. I know if we purchased another one I would choose one with reverse to make it easier to get in and out of the truck bed, but there is nothing I would change as of yet. We’ll also potentially buy the trail groomer attachment to add for a ski trail. Thus far, that’s all I would add to it.

I don’t know of anyone else that owns a Snowdog. We have told many people about it and they are excited to learn more, but haven’t heard of it before. People seem to be very interested in it, likely do to the fact that it’s fun, budget friendly, easy to store, and you don’t need a trailer to move it. Great!