“This would make things so much easier”


The second largest show, Dakota Angler Ice Institute, took place in Sioux Falls (SD), November 10-12. During these days, it hosted over 10,000 guests. One of the show-stoppers were our Snowdogs. Arctic looking Sport model attracted people like a magnet.

This is an updated model which we will officially present and describe in detail on December, 1st.

Matt Johnson, the captain of Snowdog Pros Team, who continues to acquaint the USA with our product, tells:

“The interest level in Snowdog is absolutely growing at this show! Most people know what it is and actually call it by name now. “Hey, there’s a Snowdog!” It’s great! People are definitely seeing the importance of Snowdog and they are understanding its importance for ice fishing. They are certainly catching on!”

One comment that really stood out this weekend that we hear often was: “This would make things so much easier for me this winter!”

We so love it! Thank you so much.

Thank you to 59 Power Sports for supporting Snowdog at the show and also to Ice Team for getting people excited!

And we are looking forward to another great shows:

— Hard Water Ice Expo – Blaine, MN – November 17-19.
— St. Paul Ice Show – St. Paul, MN – December 1-3.