Snowdog LLC took part in Hardwater Freaks Fest


Snowdog LLC has recently participated in an exciting event in Wisconsin. For us, this is a special fest, an annual meeting spot for veterans from different parts of the Midwest. They get together to talk, catch fish, sing, and ride Snowdogs, too.

Dmitry Sivkov, the founder of Snowdog LLC, personally attended the event to see how they spend time and meet the awesome guys, owners of Snowdogs, give them Snowdog hats and take pictures.

It was an honor for us to meet Steve Manthei, a territory sales and service manager at Power Distributors, our general partner in the USA. He actively helped in interaction with the participants of the festival, provided materials, answered questions, etc. We greatly appreciate his support.

Important to note that we came at invitation of Max Zaruba, the festival founder. At the end of this event, we asked him to leave a review and share his impressions. We thank him for his responsiveness and love for Snowdog.

This past weekend we as a Hardwater Freak Nation held a great event on Petenwell lake near Arkdale Wisconsin. Along with our presence came one of our most cherished partners, SNOWDOG. With a tight schedule we were met sure as to how or if they would make it, but they came through. Dmitry and Tim joined us for dinner Friday night for our annual volunteers dinner and treated themselves to some fine food from Lure Bar and Grill. With open warms we introduced them around the tables and joined one another with a cheers to Snowdog.

This event roots come from my service in the Marine Corps Infantry of 8 years and the stemming growth of Hardwater Freaks LLC in 2015. We have this massive platform of great anglers across the Midwest ice belt, and I knew we could do something great with what we have built. The last 5 years we have raised a ton of money, and helped a ton of kids and veterans across the Midwest enjoy the outdoors with our great efforts. Every year we grow and grow this event more and more with fine tuning off of the previous years success. We have anglers from all across the Midwest travel to take part and show their support for the FREAK NATION.

This was our first year hosting Snowdog and the team and we can’t wait for more to come. The presence of Snowdog means the world to us as we now they are the leader of innovation and creativity when it comes to easy travel on the ice and an affordable price tag. The ability of anglers at the event to test drive units has proven the greatness Snowdog offers as many anglers had the opportunity to see the great benefits of owning a Snowdog.