Video: Twin Track & Ice Team


Matt Johnson from the Ice Team is presenting and sharing his experience on Snowdog Twin Track. He had a chance of using this machine for the last 2 seasons. 2 seasons ago we had a kind of prototype.

Matt Johnson:
"It is much larger and has 2 tracks and therefore a bigger footprint, little more room for storage – you can put a couple of buckets, rods, etc. It is 20% more weight, slightly heavier than a Standard single-track machine. It’s still very light. You can mount different things to the side of these bars. The handle holders are heated. If you ice fish, you know that last winter here in the Midwest we had a lot of days below zero. So, heated handles are super nice.

It's not an overcomplicated machine. It pulls larger fish traps. Fuel economy is phenomenal for each Snowdog model including Twin Track. You can put extra gas can. I’m exited to get this thing back on the ice. You can also check Come take a look and ask us the questions, our team is well-educated on these machines. And we were excited as you to hit the ice with this machine in the next ice fishing season.”