Professional fisherman Tim Moore tests Snowdog


Professional fisherman and Snowdog. We keep introducing you guys who reached high level in fishing skills.
Today this is Tim Moore, citizen of Barrington, NH. Here is what he tells about himself.

“I am a full-time year-round fishing guide. I have been a license New Hampshire guide for 16 years. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember. Being a fishing guide has always been my dream job.”

Tim became an owner of Snowdog B13 last fall. He has never had such machine and it made a huge impression on him.

“I love my Snowdog because it is light and compact, but powerful. It's perfect for early ice fishing season or when I just want to pack light and downsize. Driving the Snowdog is an absolute blast! I felt comfortable on it within minutes. My Ice fishing clients love it too. The Snowdog puts a smile on everyone's face.”

As soon as ice was strong enough to move on Snowdog, Tim went to the lake and made the first video about his feelings.

“It’s Russian ultimate early ice machine. It’s lightweight, 300 lb. …This thing is so much fun to drive. It’s so fun to cruise around out here on the ice… My Snowdog has professional series 420cc Briggs & Stratton motor engine and basically a snowmobile drive system. It has a primary and secondary clutch and a track. It’s just like snowmobile except it has bogey wheels. So, we do not need to worry about no snow conditions that we get out. I’m absolutely blown away by this machine.”

He wants to equip his machine with auger rack and GPS unit and stud the track. Right after this, he will go on a serious fishing trip, of course, filming a video of it.
Looking forward to it. Good luck, Tim!