Jordan Keister: 5 years of experience with Snowdogs


“I’m very excited to be the owner of the new Snowdog Sport! I love the new upgrades on this model and can’t wait to get it on the ice to give it its first trip of the season”, Jordan Keister, a Wisconsin resident, angler and hunter, says.

“This year, I plan to hit some new to me body’s of water I have had my eye on this last couple seasons but haven’t made the trek back to them. I also plan to make a trip out to lake of the woods this season to chase big pike!  It’s getting closer to go time. I can’t wait!”

Jordan has been using Snowdogs for several years, starting with the Utility model. We asked him about his experience and we were happy to get the interesting answers. Look how great the interview is.

By the way, don’t miss the opportunity to see Jordan and the Snowdog team very soon at the Ice Show in St.Paul in December 1-3. This will be an anniversary Show. Our booth is located in the main arena. We'll be showing some new cool products.

— Ok, Jordan, tell us, please, why you decided to purchase a Snowdog 5 years ago and how this experience began? What are the advantages of Snowdogs over the snowmobiles and ATVs?

— My fishing partner (Jeff Prostek) and I were in the market for a new machine for ice fishing. We already owned snowmobiles and an ATV, but we wanted something more reliable and more practical for our style of fishing. Our original thought was a new snowmobile but with newer snowmobiles being so big & bulky we didn’t care for that too much. ATV wasn’t really an option for where/how we fish due to the amount of snow we get during the mid season. We started doing some research on different options. While poking around on the internet we ran across a YouTube video of this machine we have never seen before. The Snowdog. So, we started to do more research and we were soon sold on it. Key Reasons: 1. Minimal amount of maintenance the Snowdog would have verses a snowmobile.  2. Very small and compact which is important for us, as we enjoy fishing small back woods lakes with little to no access. This smaller frame meant it would be easier to navigate in these areas. 4. No need for a trailer. 5. Very lightweight 6. More cost efficient then a new snowmobile.

— You started riding Utility then you got the Sport model. What makes the difference between these models? What advantages of Sport models would you highlight?

— We ran the Snowdog Utility for 4 full seasons and absolutely loved it! We liked it so much and we decided it was time to buy a second Snowdog. This time we decided to get the new Snowdog Sport. The Sport wasn’t an option when we got our first Snowdog and when we were in the market for a second machine we went to our local dealer and saw the new Sport sitting on the show room floor and we both thought how much easier/nicer it would be to work on being that the hood opened like it does verse how the old canvas style Snowdogs where. Overall the two machines where pretty comparable and not much changed internally but mainly being able to work on it with out having to remove the cover was enough to sell us.

— Do you do regular maintenance? Are there any difficulties with this? What advice can you give?

— Yes, we maintain the recommended maintenance. Changing the oil in the motor and gear box. Initially, it was a pretty messy process until we figured out that an oil syphon pump worked best. We also like to make sure our chain stays lubricated by using motorcycle chain lube.

— How do you store and transport the Snowdogs? What life hacks can you share?

— Nowadays, we use a trailer more often being that we run multiple Snowdogs but we will load one into the bed of a pick up truck at times. Some of the lakes we like to fish on, a trailer isn’t an option. Which is another reason the Snowdog is top dog in our eyes over any other machine. When we store our Snowdogs, we build dollies for them to make them easy to move around/work on.  We also like to unload the suspension when stored during the off season. Just something that helps keeps the suspension from getting worn out from being under a load for a long period of time.

— What ice thickness is needed for you to start and end the ice-fishing season?

— It really depends on the quality of the ice. Solid ice and honey comb ice are two different things. Will we and have we had the Snowdogs out on 2” of solid ice. Heck ya we have. Most would say we are crazy for that but honestly the way the weight displacement is with a Snowdog I am not worried about it. That's what makes the Snowdog so impressive. Generally, we start late November/early December and run them all the way to march some season.

— For over 5 years of usage of Snowdogs, I think, you got some situations you like to remember. Can you remember a fun, interesting trip with Snowdog?

— In the first month or so of owning the Snowdog we were still using a snowmobile along with the Snowdog. One day during early ice we blew up the gear case in our snowmobile and had no way to get it off the ice. Our only option was the Snowdog. This was when we realized how much the Snowdog could haul without a struggle and from this point on the Snowdog became our go to for ice fishing.

— What is the biggest fish you caught with Snowdog? Where was it?

— The biggest fish would have to be late last season at lake of the woods. We went for northern pike. I caught one at 38 inches which was my biggest pike through the ice. But, honestly, my most memorable fish would have to be the 28 3/4 inch walleye I got on a small inland lake we would not have gotten into without the help of our Snowdogs.

— You have become the owner of the updated Sport 2023. What is your first impression?

— Very impressed with the new upgrades. The chain tensioner is the first thing that caught my eye and it’s always been something we thought the Snowdog needed. Also the amount of adjustment in the handle bars I like allot. That’s always been something we modified in the past on our older Snowdogs. We normally stand and drive so we like the handle bars up higher to help control the Snowdog in fresh snow. Can’t wait to get it out for its first test run!

— Great! The largest ice fishing show, the Ice Show in St.Paul, will start soon. You are planning to come there for the first time. What are your expectations?

— This will be a whole new experience for us. We are excited to see what it’s all about and be more involved. We are two average guys who started Gills & Bills Outdoors, who not just work full time jobs but live and breath fishing and hope to do this full time in the future.