Joshua Treadwell has become Snowdog's Pro Staffer


For several years now, the American Snowdog Pro Staff team has been using and evaluating our machines taking photos and making video content on fishing, hunting, laying ski and bike trails, using them on the farm, etc. We really appreciate their feedback and their work.

And today, we are pleased to introduce our new Pro Staff member. Two years ago, he purchased a Snowdog and on his own initiative, with altruism and optimism, he made a lot of great videos. Last winter, we already talked about this guy from New Hampshire.

Joshua Treadwell is in our team now. Welcome!

"I'm excited to be part of this team!! I have been using the Snowdog for almost 2 years. My top highlights about the Snowdog is how light it is! I can move it around easily and transport it without the need of a trailer. I pull a main sled and also a one man flip over style shelter so I can stay as mobile as possible."

Joshua's latest films can be viewed here: