Review of the Snowdog after one year of usage


Josh Pettit (Moe's Outdoor Adventures), hunter and fisherman from NY, has shared with us a video review of his Snowdog. Let’s look at what he is saying:

"It’ November now which means that fishing season is coming, trapping season starts this week. I’ve got my Snowdog and used it all last season. I’ve put on over 150 miles on it. I used it for the ice fishing, trapping and hunting. I have a trailer upbuilt on it right now. I use this until the snow flies.

I have a cover. Actually, it doesn’t overheat even in the summer time. I have been moving on the deep snow and mud. I’ve pulled loads of woods in summer.

I’ve just modified my headlight a little bit to have a brighter light up there.

If you look for a machine that can pull you on the ice, help you to do some yardwork or during the hunting season, Snowdog is a good tool for that.

If it snows, put a cover on it. But for now, I keep a cover off.

Trailer is great to have during not snowing season.

Keep watching a lot of videos coming this year!"