Canada and Snowdog: start of production!


Snowdog is coming back to Canada! Great news for hundreds of Canadians wishing to buy Snowdogs! Our company together with the partners have started production (final assembly) of Snowdog in Canada.

A month ago, we talked about launching the assembly production in the USA. Now we are proud to announce it in Canada for dozens of dealers and a huge number of customers. The strong demand has increased on the local market for the period of supply difficulties that are now resolved.

Snowdog is moving confidently across North America. Very soon, dozens and dozens of beautiful and sporty "dogs" will rush to their new Canadian owners.

By the way, another great news is that some dealers have already received the machines. Therefore, our big advice to Canadian customers: urgently ask the closest dealer in your area if he is that first lucky one.

Thank you all for your patience, kindness and support of Snowdog! We are all awaiting a great season. Moreover, the first ice and the first fishing are strongly associated with Snowdog! It's high time for your purchasing decision, friends! Have a great ice-fishing season!