Vlogger Sam Sobi got acquainted with Snowdog


“I feel like a child in a candy store, this is my new toy!” exclaims Sam Sobi, popular video blogger and angler from Minnesota. He’s dreamt of Snowdog for a long time. And the other day in magnificent atmosphere of Christmas his dream came true, and he got one. Without hiding his emotions, he felt free to call him a puppy that we found pretty touching. And, as an experienced YouTuber (channel «Sobi»), he shot a video about his first day with Snowdog.

“This video is not a very intense technical breakdown made and I am not a person who knows everything about it. I will be going through this, talking about this, and learning how to use it right now. …Now, I’m doing research on this unit, on this product, on this kind of art.”

The day before, he’s read a lot of info on the Internet, on forums, asked his friends about this type of machines and made a few conclusions for himself. The main discovery for Sam was that Snowdog can be used not only in winter, but all year round.

«I have seen that bunch of guys using it for hunting, trapping in hard-to-get places where my 4-wheeler potentially couldn’t get to. I was surprised, as initially when I heard about Snowdog, I thought that it can be used for ice fishing and winter transportation. But no. I think you can use this puppy all year round.”

It’s also pretty that Sam admits that he is not an outstanding athlete and says that if he can operate a Snowdog, so can his grandma. Among other advantages of this machine, he together with his friends, discovered the following:

“I looked up some pros online about this machine. Let’s see. Proven design, Briggs & Stratton engine, аffordability, excellent flotation on sub surfaces, great pulling capacity, available accessories, сompactness, easy transportation.”

It should be noted that Sam, based on other people’s stories, tells about shortcomings of Snowdogs. Personally, he didn’t get time to check on this. We look forward to getting video report on his first fishing with Snowdog.

“This is my first day with this unit. That was fun, real fun. I am excited to have more experience with this in other conditions.”