How does Snowdog help the skiers in northern Minnesota?


"We are grooming ski trail… Grooming anywhere from narrow on top of ridges to kind of out in the open. And we are doing this with Snowdog."

This is what tells Adam Graves, a cabinet fabricator, who lives in northern Minnesota with his wife (a teacher) and a brother. They have been using Snowdogs for 2 years for grooming ski trails, bike trails and just for fun. These guys make great videos to tell and show how successfully our Snowdogs help them and why they perform better than snowmobiles when completing these tasks.

"We have got snowmobiles that are very small and it’s very difficult for them to groom those trails just because they’re twisting, they are turning and you only want to accommodate the size that a bike can accommodate. What is fun about this (about Snowdog), you can be going through all those trails taking all the turns and humps and everything. It’s an absolute blast to groom on this machine. It gets the job done, no complaints."

We got acquainted, talked to these awesome people, and interviewed them. Let’s see what responses they gave!

We purchased a Snowdog after Adam had done some research and saw how useful this machine could be. We lived near a lake and knew it would be great for quickly getting out ice fishing. We also were looking for a machine that could tow and help with hauling items during winter projects. We purchased our Snowdog in Jenkins, MN. Once we got one, Adam's brother ordered one to utilize for grooming ski trails in our area as well.

During our first trip, we instantly realized how powerful and useful this machine could be. We could connect our ice tent to the sled to easily pull all of our ice fishing equipment anywhere we needed to be. Because the Snowdog is lighter than other snow machines, we were able to get access to the ice earlier than others. We often have challenging winters in Minnesota where some days we will get a lot of snow and have freezing conditions, and the next week, there could be a slight melt. When this happens, it makes the snow on the ice sometimes difficult to maneuver. However, with the Snowdog, we had no struggles with this and we were able to fish in all conditions.

When we take it out ice fishing, people always are curious what we're using and want to get more information. It has been fun to share this machine with others and show them how useful it can really be.

In our free time, we like to camp, fish, hike, and spend time with family. We also enjoy creating videos of our outdoor adventures, including information on the Snowdog, on our Youtube channel "Graves Up North". We truly enjoy the Snowdog and we have definitely gotten our use out of it. We look forward to continuing to explore Minnesota with it. Thanks.