Our European customer shares his SnowDog experience.

-It`s been two years since I got my SnowDog. I find it reliable and able to do hard work. And these are the qualities I value in it. Some compare motor tow to snowmobile, but it`s like comparing a truck to a race car - these vehicles have different purposes. Sport snowmobiles are powerful, and they go fast travelling light. As for SnowDog it easily tows up to 1000 lbs, one day it towed me, two of my friends and a large cargo, and did great.

I am a fisherman, and riding SnowDog, I can easily get to any part of the lake, and if there`s no fish there, just jump back into the sleds and change location in minutes. If the snow is 3-5 ft, I may have to ride light first, and then take a heavy cargo with me on the well-trodden path.

When I go fishing I usually take a can of gas with me just in case. The gulf here is huge and sometimes I can`t find any fish, and my friends call me and tell me it bites there, so I travel 10-15 miles to get to their spot. With cruising speed at 15-20 mph I can get around pretty fast.

And what is more, SnowDog is a perfect machine for family fun. Last winter, thanks to SnowDog, me, my friends and our families had a blast spending time outside. One time we connected 13 children sleds together behind motor tow, and were riding in circles on ice. Kids were so happy!

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