SnowDog Chariot

One more SnowDog trailer is ready to hit the market early next year.

We have already presented a design of a new SnowDog Cargo Trailer , now we would like to introduce to you a new SnowDog Chariot. This trailer looks a lot like a real Roman chariot, but modernised and improved. It is designed for riding SnowDog in a standing position only. So when you don't need to carry a lot of heavy items, enjoy the Chariot ride. Or if you have a load and feel like riding the Chariot, you can attach the sledge and transport your cargo in it. The Chariot is as reliable and well thought as the SnowDog Cargo Trailer : steel frame covered by an enduring powder polymer, water-resistant deck, tubeless low pressure tires and plastic mudguards do an excellent job in turning your SnowDog into an all-season machine.


Weight 40 kg / 88.2 lbs

Dimensions, L*W*H1 490 * 1 034 * 550 mm / 58.7 *40.71 * 21.65 inches

Track width 850 mm / 33.5 inches

Drawbar length 880 mm (non adjustable) /34.65 inches


Tires pressure 8,5 – 20 Psi (8,53 –  19.91 lbs/sq.inches

Max trailer load150 kg / 331 lb

Luggage compartment volume100 liters/ 22 gallons dry

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