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Three models of Snowdog attracted great attention on Clam Pro Day


Snowdog was proud to be on display and help start the official beginning of the ice fishing season at the annual Clam Outdoors Pro Day event a few days ago in Minnesota! 400 industry Pros, partners and media attended the event as releases its new products and chats marketing and all things ice fishing! By the way, two Snowdog Pro Staff, Sam Sobieck and Tim Moore, also participated in it.

Matt Johnson, Ice Team manager (our great ProS too, in the picture), brought along a few Snowdogs models — Utility, Sport & Twin Track. Also, he introduced to all participants the latest magazine issue that he works on with his team. You can see our Twin Track on the cover and the information on this model that took the entire page.

Matt told us today how the event was, his impressions and the results:

Pro Day was awesome this year! We believe we saw record attendance — both for Social Night and Pro Day! We had multiple Snowdog machines there for the participants to look at up close and in person! We added the Twin Track and a Utility model to go with our "tricked out" Sport. All three gained a ton of attention.

I would have to say the Sport, probably because of the added accessories, it always grabs attention. However, I saw a drastic increase in attention for the Twin Track. I think the Twin Track model is gaining more attention because ice anglers oftentimes look to tow their gear onto the ice, and the Twin Track has a little more power and torque. The larger footprint also appeals to ice anglers, as it rides on the snow a little better and allows for transporting more gear. I'll be interested to see how sales go this year and if it correlates to some of these early season predictions!

Overall the Snowdog brand is gaining a lot of momentum with the Ice Team Pros. I bet you'll see more of our Pros using Snowdogs this season! I've also asked them to work with local Snowdog dealers to help out if they can, and even build relationships with dealers.

It's a huge deal in the sport of ice fishing. Ice Team has always been seen as the educational arm of the sport. We have the best promoters, educators and anglers in the sport of ice fishing on the Ice Team. They really focus on a "tell not sell" mentality which leans heavily on educating ice anglers and helping them become more successful on the ice. Our Ice Team leads the pack in regards to providing the latest information, whether it's about new products, ways to catch fish, or just topics that other anglers can relate to.

Photocredit: Matt Johnson, Ice Team.