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Snowdog-2022: our new film!

Folks, we’ve made the film about our products telling what the Snowdog machine and the Snowdog LLC are today, at the end of 2022. We used the materials and content provided by our Pros team, dealers and customers, owners of Snowdog. We highly appreciate their support and contribution. The voice-over was done by Matt Johnson.

Here is the video, let's watch it!

Founded in 2015, Snowdog LLC develops the versatile towing machines for cargo transportation. Snowdog has found a wide range of applications with anglers, hunters, fatbikers, trappers, and other professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Our Snowdogs are highly reliable as we use parts specially manufactured for utilitarian snowmobiles. We are proud of the experience of over 20,000 units produced and sold in different parts of the world through an extensive dealership network of 160 stores in the USA and Canada.

We truly know the value of reliability, affordability, easy operation, and put forth every effort to ensure the products and materials keep up with ever-demanding world we live in.

No aim is unreachable with Snowdog.