About Us

Snowdog LLC, USA was founded in 2015 as a Baltmotors subsidiary, leading into a separate project to develop new vehicles for reliable and affordable winter transportation. The general idea of our inspiration came from Bolens Hus-ski machine, mass produced in Canada in 1970's. We designed a versatile off road Snowdog™ transportation machine, which does not need any registration or a trailer. The results included patented concepts, highly integrated design, and well organized manufacturing processes. Our efforts culminated in several models to suit the most sophisticated needs.

Our Snowdogs are highly reliable as we use parts specially manufactured for utilitarian snowmobiles (heavy duty chassis and tracks), American Briggs & Stratton engines, most reliable Taiwan handles and wiring. We rely on the experience of over 20,000 units produced and sold in different parts of the world. We supply our machines to more than 160 dealers in the USA and Canada. We know the importance of reliability, low cost, and easy operation.