Meeting with the ProStaffs in Minnesota


Snowdog Team headed by Dmitry Sivkov, the company founder, met the Pros in Minnesota. Matt Johnson and Sam Sobieck are recognized personalities with American angler community. The publications of these influencers are gaining tens of thousands of views. And we are proud to work with them.

The meeting took place right on the ice. We decided to fish together and shoot content with different Snowdog models. It was an awesome sunny day. Matt and Sam filled it with their contagious optimism and talent. We had a great chat and great work! The result was a lot of cool photos and videos, including an interview that we will show later. And, of course, there was fish: pike, crappie, sunfish.

Thanks to all who shared this day with us! And we'll see you again soon. To the south of Minneapolis, in the French Lake area, the PanFish tournament will be held on February 19th. We are excited to meet you and talk to you there, guys. See you!