What do the anglers tell about Utility B13 MER after 3 years of usage?


We keep introducing you to the enthusiastic Snowdog operators. Today, this is Jordan Keister from GILLS N BILLS OUTDOORS. Together with his team, he has been using Utility B13 MER (13.5 hp) with reverse and electric starter. Now, he shares his video review on his experience. We also provide you with a text version.

We’ve got 3-4 seasons with this machine. We did general maintenance, fuel changes, oil was changed as well. It has been awesome. It’s easy for investigating new paths with this. This Snowdog is 340 pounds, 58 inches long and 24 inches wide. Overall, we’ve done a few modifications. We’ve changed brighter lighting upfront, we’ve modified the handlebars and made them more comfortable for us.

Overall, we are really impressed by this machine. We don’t use ATV anymore and we’ve got no complains. The only thing is that some people asked us “How does it do in the slush?”, “How does it do in the deep snow?”. It’s no difference! The nice thing is if you sink in it go through the tuck layer and you’ve got stuck, it’s only 300 pounds. Take one guy to lift it up and pull you out.

We’re really impressed by this. We love our Snowdogs. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a new snow machine for ice fishing whether it be an ATV, a snowmobile or Snowdog, I would 100% say that I go with Snowdog! It’s been awesome for us!

So, guys, if you look for a Snowdog machine, feel free to ask any questions. We really like to talk to the anglers who are interested in the same stuff as us. We like to help and that’s why we do what we do!