Snowdog Team has participated in Clam Pro Day


Snowdog Team, led by Dmitry Sivkov, the owner of the company, has participated in Clam Pro Day. The event recently took place in Rogers, MN. Our Team arrived there at the invitation of our long-time partner and great friend, Matt Johnson from the Ice Team.

This is not the first time that representatives of our company have come to this annual conference of professionals and influencers, among whom was Dave Gence. We and our products have been long known here. We really appreciate the attention we are always given and the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Dmitry was pleased to speak to the Clam Pro Day participants and share the company’s plans and new products for the season. He also showed a new film about the history of the company, the stages of development of the brand, and the growth of Snowdog’s popularity in America.

Matt Johnson, with whom we are proud to have a long-standing collaboration, is well aware of all this. By the way, here is what he said about the event:

"It’s always a pleasure seeing Dmitry Sivkov and the team from Snowdog. Our Pro Team has grown to really embrace these machines and several of our Pros rely on them for their time on the ice. To hear that Snowdog continues to push and innovate is awesome! Dmitry — Snowdog LLC owner — shared that they are working on electric versions and will also be releasing a new motorbike! Thank you for your continued support and partnership!"