SCHEELS' opinion: “From first ice to last ice.”


“We are going to start out this day with doing crappie fishing. It will be fun. We are to our spot. I’ve just got out on this Snowdog.” With these words starts the video “Crappie Ice Fishing with Snowdog (Evening Bite!)”, that has recently appeared on SCHEELS Outdoors YouTube channel.

This channel belongs to one of the largest sporting goods stores in America with 27 locations and counting in 13 states. This video was shot by Mike Anderson, SCHEELS content manager.

The video shows Sport B13 MER. Mike tells: “One of the nice things about this is it folds up. It fits in the back of your pickup. It’s 13.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine is installed on Snowdog. It has electric start. This machine does not weigh too much. You can get it out on the early ice.”

Our media manager, Tim Sedov, contacted Mike to get his impressions of the trip and as well as opinion about market prospects in the light of increase in fuel prices.

— Mike, did you have any other experience with Snowdog? It's interesting to know about it. What do you think about this type of vehicle in general?

— My first experience with the Snowdog was on a video shoot for SCHEELS in the early part of the 2021/2022 ice fishing season. The ice was not thick enough for vehicle traffic so we used the Snowdogs to bring out 8 of us and all our gear. The Snowdog was super efficient and enjoyable getting us to our spot. I even hooked up a rope to the end of our last sled and snowboarded behind it! They are a great option for people who want to get out for late and early ice, or in areas where they never get enough ice for larger vehicles. I can also see a big benefit for places such as Lake Winnipeg where you can be extremely mobile and get wherever you want to go. The ability to fit 2 in the bed of a pickup truck is awesome.

— Ok. By the way, do you agree that snowmobile enthusiasts will be choosing Snowdogs for reasons of economy? Due to rising fuel prices.

— The Snowdogs are very economical and the ability to put them in the back of a truck instead of hauling a trailer is a benefit. When it comes to snowmobile enthusiasts, I feel like you would have a hard time converting the recreational trail riding type, because they are putting on a lot of miles normally at higher speeds and need the suspension that Snowdog does not currently offer. Those people who use it more for work or fishing than fun are definite targets though.

Frankly speaking, we did not ask Mike to praise Snowdog products. But, when Tim asked him what he would like to add, these words were said:

“The Snowdog is a durable, versatile, easy to maintain, rock-solid machine for ice fishing that will get the job done in nearly any situation imaginable. If you need 1 single unit for any type of ice fishing from first ice to last ice, the Snowdog is the one to go with.”