How do you get prepared for the season?


The season is coming, the season has come. Canadian anglers almost from all the provinces not only went out, but also went with Snowdogs. And anglers in the United States are still looking forward to the day when they will have the same opportunity in the northern states. As you know, the weather this year delayed the typical start of the season a little bit. Hopefully, this will not shorten its usual duration, allowing you to fully enjoy fishing, travelling, and recreation in the company of Snowdog.

Meanwhile, dear fans of our brand, we are pleased to see your posts on social networks, that show how you get prepared for the season, tenderly "wake up" your “pet” after off-season hibernation, clean and "feed" it, and prepare for active lifetime. In this regard, we decided to make a selection of your pictures with Snowdog and first ice fishing of this season. Let’s have a look together!

Thanks to the authors of the photos in Facebook: MinneSnowDogs, Snowdog Users Group, Snowdog Canada, Matt Johnson Outdoors, Hardwater Freaks. We wish you early travel to the ice and unforgettable fishing trips!